1. Purpose of Terms and Condition


These Terms and Conditions form a binding agreement between Joan Myers Consultancy Limited (referred to as "the Coach") and the client (referred to as "the Coachee"). The document outlines the terms of our coaching relationship and the responsibilities of both parties. 


2. Coaching Sessions 


2.1. Coaching sessions will typically be 60 minutes long. 


2.2. The number of sessions and their duration will be determined by mutual agreement between the Coach and the Coachee. The options range from a minimum of 6 sessions to 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. 


2.3. Sessions may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via virtual platforms such as Zoom or Teams. 


2.4. Session scheduling will primarily occur on weekdays or evenings, with occasional weekend availability as needed. Flexibility in session timing may be granted based on the Coach's availability. 


3. Time Management 


3.1. Punctuality is important. In cases where the Coachee anticipates being late, they must inform the Coach in advance. 


3.2. The Coach may allow some flexibility for exceptional circumstances, but regular lateness or missed appointments will not be tolerated. 


3.3. Missed sessions are non-refundable and non-redeemable. 


4. Payments 


4.1. Payments are to be made directly to Joan Myers Consultancy Limited using the following account details: 


Account Name: Joan Myers Consultancy Limited 

Account Number: 33765709 

Sort Code: 205776 

Bank: Barclays Bank 


4.2. Invoices can be generated upon request. 


5. Intake Session 


5.1. The intake session is a no-obligation telephone call designed to discuss the Coachee's needs and provide information about the Coach. 


5.2. During the intake session, both parties will: 


- Clarify the Coachee's aims or goals. 

- Define how success will be measured. 

- Familiarize the Coachee with the Coach's coaching style. 

- Address any questions or concerns to ensure a productive coaching relationship. 


6. Homework 


6.1. Homework assignments may be introduced during the coaching journey. 


6.2. Any agreed-upon homework will have clear objectives and completion timelines and will be designed to add value to the Coachee's coaching experience. 


7. Session Format 


7.1. Each coaching session will follow a structured format to maximize effectiveness: 


- Review of goals from the previous session. 

- Setting session goals with clear objectives and expected outcomes. 

- Assessment of the Coachee's current situation. 

- Exploration of potential options. 

- Agreement on actionable steps. 

- Summarization of the agreed-upon actions. 


8. Coachee Outcomes 


8.1. Coaching aims to achieve the following outcomes: 


- Application of new insights. 

- Behavioral changes. 

- Development of knowledge and skills.